In the news

Interview featured on Deutschlandfunk radio broadcast (8 May 2024),
Indochinakrieg: Frankreich unterliegt in Dien Bien Phu.”

#AsiaNow speaks with Christian C. Lentz about Contested Territory and the
research that went into its writing (June 2021).

Contested Territory wins 2021 Harry J. Benda Award for outstanding first book in
Southeast Asian Studies, Association for Asian Studies (2021).

“Prof Christian Lentz Wins Prestigious Benda Prize for Debut Book”
Brent Van Vliet, UNC Global (Apr 2021)

Gatty Lecture Rewind Podcast on studying revolutionary Vietnam (2020)
Cornell University and NYSEAN.

Duke’s Forum for Scholars and Publics Remembering Vietnam
features Lentz in conversation w/ NYT editor Clay Risen (March 2018)

Contested Territory is the theme of an NEH Summer Seminar
National Humanities Center (2018 and 2022)

Project on Digital History of Vietnam
National Humanities Center & Vietnam National University (December 2016)

Christian Lentz on writing, research, and revolution
Institute for Arts & Humanities podcast (Fall 2016).

“Exploring Food and Politics in 1950s Vietnam”
Profile by LJ Toler in Carolina Arts & Sciences Magazine (Fall 2015).

Big Expectations, Human Rights Challenges Ahead for Indonesia’s New President
Interview with Ahmady for ISLAMiCommentary (17 Oct 2014).

What I did this summer: faculty stories
Feature in UNC Global (14 Aug 2014).

Dien Bien Phu Campaign via foreign scientists’ assessment
News article in People’s Army Newspaper (6 May 2014).

Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences conference report (7 May 2014)
in English and Vietnamese.